I love to paint huge pictures!
The huge empty white area seems to be like an invitation to a place with a wide view, which is open to the horizon.
But I also like to consider the small details and therefore I have started many years ago to cut large paintings into smaller parts. It’s amazing how the little insignificant details get more importance in the small parts of the painting.

Pars pro Toto

The single parts can stay together and hang next to- or below each other. Then you will feel that they belong together but also each picture has a very intense life of its own. I think, this is a magnificent metaphor for good relationships between people. The paintings may also be separated and decorate the rooms of very different people, environments, countries. In this case the single paintings get a completely different meaning. They adapt to the environment, but they also still remain that they all are a part of the whole. I love this metaphor!

So I have used the cutter once again and cut a 1.5 m x 3m large image into 18 equal pieces (each 50cm x 50cm).

Pars pro Toto should remind us that we are also small parts of a whole *something* and we also all belong together. Although each of us is an unique individual, with an absolutely unique history, a combination of skills, characteristics and memories that probably exist only once in the entire universe, we are all made from the same source and we all are travelling together to an unknown destination.